Easy Edit for Alfresco

Easy Edit will simply your document edit and collaboration on Alfresco. Don’t waste your time for checkout open edit save on your program and back to Alfresco to upload a new version.

Demo: Easy edit Adobe – YouTube

Just only one click to check out and open on your desktop both Windows and Mac. One clicks to upload a new version to Alfresco.

Easy Edit Support for all file types

Easy Edit opens all your Alfresco documents with the program of your preference in just one click. For example, an MS Office files, Photoshop file, CAD drawing, illustrator file or image.

Use Easy Edit on Alfresco Share
If you have permission to edit, the file on Alfresco Share you see Easy Edit icon on Alfresco Share. When you click on Easy Edit icon, it checks out the file from Alfresco to your Easy Edit Desktop then open on your desktop program. Easy Edit Desktop shows a list of checkout file from Alfresco.

User Easy Edit with your custom UI
We have an Angular component to support your custom UI.